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ASSENSETEK LIGHTING PASSPORT- The first smart spectrometer in the world, now with brand new Android App as well!

The world’s first spectrometer that can be perfectly integrated with your smart device.

Easy to carry and use, let you become an expert of lighting

1. Friendly UI and Rich information including:

  • CCT
  • CRI
  • R1~R15
  • CQS
  • Illuminance
  • Foot Candle
  • CIE 1931
  • CIE 1976
  • CQS
  • C78.377-2008
  •  λp
  • λD
  • Purity
2.More Functions -  
 Project, Data Filter, Export and Print
3.Smart UI

4.Three Measurement Modes:

  • Single
  • Multiple
  • Continuous
  • *extract background

5.Can save measurement data in Apple iDevice
Raw Data in excel file
Can register  Product Name, Manufacturer, and User
Can add product picture
Measurement record can email immediately.
Can transmit the Raw data to PC and analyze the data with SPECTRUM GENIUS Advanced



ASENSETEK LIGHTING PASSPORT provides full techical information in just few seconds:

Amara Lighting is distributor of Asensetek Lighting Pasport.

Should you wish to obtain  more information about the advantages of this spectrometer, please contact us:

tel.: 02 411 02 05, email: b.yotzov@amaralighting.com


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