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Филтриране по категории

Условия за ползване

for use of the electronic store of Amara Lighting Ltd
Чл.1 General terms
1. These terms and conditions aim to inform the users and customers of “Amara Lighting” EOOD about their rights and responsibilities when using the electronic store and/or when viewing the website.
2. When placing an Order, these general terms and conditions have the force of a contract binding the user, on the one hand, referred to as the CLIENT for short, and Amara Lighting EOOD, on the other hand, referred to as the CONTRACTOR for short.
3. The contract between the CLIENT and the CONTRACTOR is considered concluded from the moment of placing the order in the manner specified in art. 4, paragraph 2.

Чл.2 Subject of the service provided by Amara Lighting EOOD.
1. “Amara Lighting” EOOD gives users the opportunity to order online, purchase and deliver the goods presented in this electronic store.
2. “Amara Lighting” EOOD provides detailed information about the goods and services it offers.

Чл.3 Changes
1. “Amara Lighting” EOOD reserves the right to make changes in the information and prices of the products presented in the electronic store, without prior announcement.
2. “Amara Lighting” EOOD reserves the right to make changes to the general conditions published in this electronic store, without prior announcement.

Чл.4 Orders
1. An order can be placed by any adult user who has filled out the relevant order form accurately and completely.
2. By pressing the “Order” button, the Client creates an electronic document, which is an electronic statement within the meaning of ZEDEP, Article 3. With this action, the Client declares that he is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions, accepts them and undertakes to The electronic document represents a contract for the provision of products and services that the Client declares through his order to the Contractor.
3. When ordering, the CUSTOMER fills in the basic data according to the order form in the electronic store. The customer must provide name, surname, address, telephone and e-mail to confirm the order placed by him, so that it can be started. Failure to complete the feedback fields or posting wrong, incorrect or inaccurate information renders the order invalid.
4. In the case of an order made by a minor, the parent or guardian assumes responsibility for the order and pays for the ordered goods, delivery and all other costs related to the order.

Чл.5 Prices and delivery
1. Each product in the electronic store has a marked price.
2. The indicated price is for one unit/meter and is in BGN without VAT included. The final price includes 20% VAT, delivery charge and quantity discount.
3. The prices for transport (delivery) are determined according to the weight of the products. The table with the different prices according to the kilograms of the products is available in the “Frequently Asked Questions” menu, which is located at the top and bottom of each page of the e-shop. When ordering two or more products, the total weight is automatically calculated and reflected in the “Delivery” column. The transport prices in the table do not include VAT.
4. You can pay by bank transfer or cash on delivery. Please fill in the company details if you would like an invoice.
5. Застраховка – Амара Лайтинг поема за своя сметка таксата за застраховка на пратките.
6. Delivery is made by a courier company to an address specified by the Customer, who undertakes to provide access and a contact person to accept the ordered products. If the customer (or a person authorized by him) cannot be found at the agreed delivery time and cannot be contacted by phone at the time of delivery, the shipment is returned to the courier’s office until requested by the customer.
7. The delivery is made after the payment for the respective order has been received on the bank account of Amara Lighting
8. If the CLIENT has hired another person to accept the shipment on his behalf, he (the customer who originally placed the order) has no right to object to the delivery and return of the shipment.

Чл.6 Cancelling an order
1. The customer can refuse ordered and delivered products at the time of delivery in the following cases:
а) the delivered product does not seem to correspond to the one ordered and this can be established by a simple inspection.
б) the product was damaged in transit.
в) the delivery price is different from the price indicated in the confirmation e-mail that Amara Lighting sends to each Customer when placing an Order.
г) the delivery deadline has not been met.
The above complaints are valid at the time of receipt of the order. Outside of the listed cases, as well as outside of the terms of Article 55 (paragraph 1) of the ZZPPT, the customer has no right to refuse to pay and return a delivered shipment. If he wishes to do so, he is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid and bears the costs of transportation.

Чл.7 Rights of the parties
1 Rights of the CONTRACTOR
а) Amara Lighting EOOD has the right to dispose of the Customer’s data, which were provided voluntarily and in advance by the Customer at the time of placing an order. This information could be used by the Contractor in the event of a legal dispute.
б) to send monthly newsletters to its registered customers in order to offer information about its goods and/or services
в) to terminate the registration of an unscrupulous Client
2. CLIENT rights
а) according to the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act, the CLIENT has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded in connection with a specific order within 7 (seven) working days of its conclusion. The desire to opt out should be sent to Amara Lighting at the e-mail:
б) if delivery is made by courier within these seven days, the CLIENT undertakes to pay the costs of delivery of the goods, and to return the goods to the CONTRACTOR at his own expense in original, unopened packaging.

Чл.8 Obligations of the parties
1. Obligations of the CONTRACTOR:
а) to store the CLIENT’s personal data according to the instructions in the “Personal data protection” menu
б) to provide the Customer with the goods ordered by him within the specified period. Information about delivery goods is provided in the “Frequently Asked Questions” menu
в) conscientiously fulfill his obligations in relation to the subject of the electronic store, specified in Article 2 of these General Terms and Conditions
2. Obligations of the CLIENT:
а) to indicate correct information when completing his Order
б) to pay the price of the order made, as well as to receive the goods;
в) not to indicate false information or partial information
г) not to misuse any information obtained from the e-store

Чл.9 Responsibilities of the CONTRACTOR
1. “Amara Lighting” EOOD is not responsible for possible inaccuracies in the information, or untimely corrected information about its products and services, as well as is not responsible for possible lost profits or elementary damages related in any way to the access or use of the electronic store .
2. The information presented in the e-shop is in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation, its use by customers and users is voluntary and on their initiative.
3. “Amara Lighting” EOOD is not responsible for any damages caused to the user in case of interrupted access to the electronic store.
4. In the event of a discrepancy in the information and prices between the English and Bulgarian versions, the prices and information in the Bulgarian version are current.

Amara Lighting